Hey! I'm Astero
Java Developer

About Me

My name's Astero! Ever since I got comfortable with my programming skills a few years ago, I started freelancing part-time! My hobbies includes; drawing & running! Yeah.. I'm a pretty simple person! Anyhow! I'm also (fluent) in Python & C. However, I only program in Java for my freelancing service as it's what I'm most fluent in. Also, I hope to one day launch my own indie game! - I've won several programming competitions (global universities competition, etc) and also have participated in and won one of the most sought after programming competition in my country.

That's all for me for now! Feel free to pop by my Discord to chat with me!


Fast & Efficient

Small projects are strived to be completed within 3 business days and medium plugins are strived to be completed within a week or two.


I've been working with Java since 5 years ago, I'm a developer that boasts around 20,000 unique downloads for my publically published projects!

High Quality

All plugins are made from the ground up, and with the utmost optimizations in mind. Plugins will not cause any memory leaks in your system/server.

Regular Updates

Upon request, you will get regular updates via Discord on how your project is being developed. (I will not go missing on you!)


"Companion's customizability astounds me, this plugin is feature-packed yet optimized. Great work from Astero!"

Stremo210 - (MCM)

"1. Great Plugin, 2. Great Support, 3. No errors, 4. I love you 7w7 5. Why are you looking At this? download it now!"

SwaguitoMc - (SPIGOTMC)

"Companion's customizability astounds me, this plugin is feature-packed yet optimized. Great work from Astero!"

Optiforce - (MCM)

"Excellent plugin, super lightweight. Hasn't even touched my servers tps or performance. Keep up the good works! even if you did up the price I'd still buy it."

zebulun - (SPIGOTMC)

My pricing

Small Project

Need a small project done?

Starts at $5

Medium Project

Need a medium project done?

Starts at $20


Bug fixes are free, no questions asked.

Other project modifications are based on how big the edits are.

Big Project

Need a big project done?

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